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"Because both of my children have required OT and PT services, we have worked with quite a few occupational and physical therapists through other agencies. Donna’s professionalism, experience and depth of knowledge immediately set her apart and make her stand out. From our first meeting, her passion and love for helping kids and their families were obvious. She took the time to clearly explain her OT methods and goals, and she has always been accessible and eager to answer any questions we have had.

Donna’s manner is warm and patient, and she earned our daughter’s trust and affection very quickly. She makes every OT session fun and playful through humor, and she has a natural ability to relate to kids on their level without talking down to them. She listens to our daughter and is constantly adapting and tailoring each session to our daughter’s needs and reactions. Our daughter eagerly looks forward to each visit and can’t wait to see Donna every week. Because she trusts and feels safe with Donna, she has been willing to tackle new challenges in her OT sessions and move beyond her comfort zone. She feels empowered and confident after her therapy, and the changes we have witnessed in her condition have been dramatic. Working with Donna and her caring staff has been a true pleasure and we would recommend Donna Klein & Associates to anyone in need of OT and PT services ".


"When I met my occupational therapist from Donna Klein & Assoc. it literally changed my life.The dedication and love with which she treated both my kids (boy/girl twins) surpassed anything my family ever dreamed.The warmth, sense of humor, and joy she brought to her work made every visit a positive and productive one. We would all look forward to them!.Both my kids, now 4 ½ yrs. old, are thriving in school, at home and among their peers. I know that our OT was as responsible as my husband and I are for helping them become the confident, strong, and happy kids they are today. She always treated them with respect, urging and encouraging them to do their best, but always making it fun! We really miss her weekly visits.Anyone who has the opportunity to work with the folks at Donna Klein should consider themselves very lucky".