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Occupational therapist can help the children to improve their handwriting legibility and speed through Sensory Integration (SI) Therapy, Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT), Biomechanical approach, cognitive perceptual training and rehabilitation approach.

Prerequisite skills for handwriting :

  • Small muscle development.
  • Eye-hand coordination.
  • The ability to hold utensils or writing tools.
  • The capacity to smoothly form basic strokes such as circles and lines.
  • Letter perception including ability to recognize forms, notice likeness and differences, infer the movements necessary for the production of form, and give accurate verbal descriptions of what was seen.
  • Orientation to printed language which involves the visual analysis of letters and words and right-left discrimination.
  • Handwriting can be deficient either in legibility or in terms of speed. The factors that determine legibility are letter formation, spacing, size, slant, horizontal alignment and general appearance.Our pediatric Occupational therapist identifies clinical reasoning for your child handwriting difficulties in terms of legibility and speed by using standardised & non-standardised assessment procedures. Clinical reasoning for illegibility and slowness in Handwriting are (1) problem in motor system (2) poor cognitive-perceptual skills.

    1. Motor system :

    Muscle tone, proximal stability, co- contraction, and muscle strength in small muscles of hand, inhand manipulation skills and eye-hand coordination skills are important factors which influence your children handwriting legibility and speed while copying. They exhibit features like frequent complaint of pain in forearm or hand, maintain clumsy/stopped posture while writing, slowness in handwriting, poor letter alignment, letter formation etc.

    2. Cognitive-Perceptual skills :

    Attention , concentration, problem solving ability, motor planning,Visual attention & concentration, visual memory, visual discrimination, spatial orientation,figure ground perception, visual closure are important factor which influence letter formation & alignment, size of the letter, space between letters & words, omission and letter reversal in handwriting task.


    Appropriate Handwriting training program is provided to the child by using NDT,Sensory Integration therapy, Biomechanical, cognitive perceptual training and rehabilitation approach based on assessment, enrichment, and integration of your child’s abilities.